Black History Month 2021 Artists & Performers Callout

BLM Nogojiwanong wants to invite YOU to help create content for the upcoming Black History Month (February 2021). To honour this month we want to support your art, creativity, and passion to memorialize this time and your experiences. As we honour and remember our past, we create and change the future. We are looking for Black and Indigenous creators and artists to participate or collaborate with us!

Honorariums will be provided to all eligible participants. To be eligible, the submission must be created by a Black or Indigenous person, must not harass or display violence, must not discriminate against any group, and must match the values of BLM Nogojiwanong. The value of the honorariums will be determined by the number of applicants.

Performer Callout: Black History Blowout 2021

Do you sing, dance, play an instrument, perform poetry, have a short story to share, or have some other talent? Then this opportunity is for you. All performers are asked to pre-record their performance as an MP4 and email it (or a link to a drive or uploaded video - ie. YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion - can be attached if the file is too large to email) to with the subject line “BHM Submission”. The recording should be no more than 10 minutes but can be as short as 30 seconds. The email should also have your performance name(s), a description of who you are, and a description of the art/work you do.

Artist Callout: BHM ArtZine 2021

We are also creating a digital zine of artwork (or written art) created by Black and Indigenous artists, with a focus on amplifying work with the themes of BIPOC lived experiences. Digital work or photographs should be submitted as a 300ppi PNG (or a link to a drive can be attached if the file is too large to email) via email to with the subject line “BHM ArtZine Submission”. Traditional art pieces should be submitted as high quality (300ppi) photographs or scans. The email should also have the name you would like printed alongside your piece and any other relevant information. An artist’s bio and art blurb are recommended but not mandatory. Printed versions of the final zine will be created and sent back to the submitters chosen.

All submissions are open until February 15th, 2021.

We acknowledge that while the hardships felt by the Black and Indigenous people might overlap, they do not equate. We have chosen to make these opportunities available to both Black and Indigenous people because we are aware that the needs of both groups have been unmet/ignored/exploited by current and past administrations and groups of Peterborough/Nogojiwanong. We want to make an actionable change and show our integrity and accountability because land acknowledgements made by allies without action are meaningless gestures that perpetuate and enable white supremacy to have power.